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About Us

Contact us : 03131177663 / 03005213105

The Army Dog Center in Pakistan is dedicated to providing assistance in case of emergencies such as robbery, murder, kidnapping, or other incidents. Our highly trained dogs are used to search for evidence and clues to assist in investigations. We prioritize your safety and are available 24/7 to support you whenever and wherever needed. Our team consists of numerous trained professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Trust us to help you in situations such as capturing suspects, investigating thefts, or solving murders.

Our Mission

Army Dog center Pakistan is here to assist you in the case of any robbery, murder, kidnapping, or other emergency situations. Our purpose is to help you with our trained dogs to find evidence and clues. You can trust us because your protection is our priority and we make sure to be accessible 24/7. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we have a dedicated team that will always be available to help you.

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